Bench co vs Quickbooks: Which Better Suits Your Accounting Needs? pricing

QuickBooks, Xero and other do-it-yourself bookkeeping software give you a tool to do your own bookkeeping and taxes. You won’t need any other software to work with Bench—we do everything within our easy-to-use platform. We don’t sync your financial data from any other bookkeeping software.

The only feeling I can really compare it to would be playing high school football and being blindsided by a D1 commit. While QuickBooks is feature-packed, the way the pricing increases with your needs means the costs can add up quickly. While you’re deciding whether you want to manage your own bookkeeping, trying pricing out a free option lets you get a taste of the experience before committing. For those who want the stress of accounting and bookkeeping completely off their plate, there’s Bench. If you have a specific vision of how you’d like to display your financial data, there’s a good chance you can do it with GnuCash. Bookkeeping Review: Is Bench Accounting Worth it?

QuickBooks is a popular platform, especially for smaller businesses, as the pricing is a bit more accessible. It’s a bit different than and Pilot, as you won’t be paired with a bookkeeper. However, it does make it easier to track things as you go along, so if you’re on a tighter budget, it could be a good compromise.

  • It’s an ideal solution if you have limited time or want to outsource your books to a certified bookkeeper so that you can focus on the other aspects of your business.
  • If you have a specific vision of how you’d like to display your financial data, there’s a good chance you can do it with GnuCash.
  • Each month your bookkeeper will categorize your transactions, reconcile your bank accounts and prepare financial statements on your behalf.
  • This makes it easy to count up what you’ve spent at the end of the month.
  • Sovos is another platform worth checking out, especially if you’re a larger business.
  • You can create invoice templates and send them automatically via email.

Also, they never make assumptions about your business, preferring instead to reach out with any questions. Because each plan depends on many factors, we looked at the value provided in terms of the time and potential money that you’re saving by using the service. When your books are completed, your dedicated tax coordinator will help you track down forms to help you simplify the filing process. Bench partners with Taxfyle for filing your return at the end of the year. A year end package with everything you need to file comes standard with Bench.

One-on-one expert support

We use Plaid, a safe and automated way to connect your financial accounts to Bench. Once your accounts are connected, you’ll gain access to secure and powerful insights, while saving the time and effort of manually uploading your statements each month. Both Bench and Plaid are SOC-2 compliant with security practices that meet or exceed industry standards.

The Message tab enables you to send and receive messages from your assigned bookkeeper. You can add any amount of Catch Up bookkeeping to a standard Bench plan. No matter how far behind you are (yes, even years behind), we can get you caught up quickly. If getting your books caught up is your priority, our Catch Up and Retro bookkeeping teams will work with you to get your books in order, fast. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.

QuickBooks Key Features and Services

A positive aspect of Bench is that it gives you the ability to analyze all your cash flow in one system. You can check accounts, vendors, spending categories, dates, credit, and more to ensure your business is on track. These metrics combined enable you to paint a picture of how your business is progressing over time. Bench’s online platform does a good job of labeling and categorizing transitions so that you can find things quicker. There’s a degree of human error involved in this process, and sometimes your bookkeeper will mislabel transactions.

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